Los Angeles Dog Trainer Jeremy Talamantes

About K-9 Behavior Services

I decided in 1995, when I was 25 years old, to take my passion for training dogs and turn it into my livelihood. I have since accomplished some amazing things. I would have to admit that I never imagined I would do the impressive things that I’ve done. The accomplishments that I have, are from literal blood, sweat, and tears! I have recently also had the opportunity to work with some young up-and-coming dog trainers that I have trained myself. Feel free to explore my bio and the bios of other trainers that I recommend. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. -Jeremy Talamantes

K-9 Behavior Services' History

Jeremy Talamantes started K-9 Behavior Services in 1995, in an effort to take his passion for training dogs and turn it into his livelihood. Jeremy has dedicated 25 years of his life to helping save dog’s lives and help their owners live a better life with them. Jeremy is never rude, nor disrespectful, to his clients, but he always shoots straight with them and makes sure that they get the information and tools that they need to be successful!

Jeremy makes it clear to people that although dog training takes some work, it’s much easier then what most people think. Jeremy believes that there is absolutely no reason why we should be destroying approximately 3,500 dog in our shelters in America every single day.

Through Jeremy’s work with protection sports, elite protection dogs, service dog training for people with disabilities, and specializing in dog aggression for many years, he has a unique understanding of how to quickly and humanely get dogs under control. Although Jeremy has been interested in dog sports since he was a kid, he has always kept the training of difficult pet dogs a priority. 

We hope that you will explore the website and get to know Jeremy, his accomplishments, and his methodology better. Jeremy is also currently helping other individuals get into the dog training business, in an effort to help even more dogs than he can alone. 

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. 

Dog Training Purpose

K-9 Behavior Services is a licensed and insured professional dog training company, that has a purpose of saving dog’s lives and helping dog owners live a better life with their furry friends. 

The company actually existed before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most other social media outlets. The company survived a recession, and came out of it on top of the industry. 

Jeremy Talamantes has always been a hard working trendsetter that pushes the boundaries of business and dog training. Jeremy has carved the way for many dog trainers to come up through the ranks and actually making a living training dogs. Jeremy still enjoys working hands on with the dogs and helping others establish themselves in the business.

Jeremy has always wanted to make sure that K-9 Behavior Services has a purpose in the industry. Therefore, Jeremy has always focused on the training of shelter dogs… even going as far as to rescue dogs from the shelter, and train them to be service dogs for people with disabilities. Jeremy has always taken great pride in proving to people the immense value that shelter dogs have!