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West Hollywood dog boot camp training can be a challenge. It used to be that I could just take a call, land the client, swing by their house, and train their dog. Now, it’s much more difficult, much more challenging, many more hurtles to jump through, and SO many more dog trainers! Heck, when I started, in 1995, there was really only a handful of dog trainers. Now? Holy smokes!!! Everybody in West Hollywood is a dog trainer now! Seriously, it’s no joke. 

Nowadays, you have to jump through so many hurdles to land a client, it’s almost like you are on trial. People are checking Yelp.com, then checking your Facebook page, then your Instagram, then your Twitter, then your Snapchat, and if you are lucky, they’ll give you a shot. Now, the reality is… I’ve been in business so long, and have such a positive reputation, that it doesn’t affect me too much, but it still takes more effort to keep everything clean and in perfect order. For example, we have chosen to run our IG story 24/7 in order to offer transparency and a unique way for people to stay in contact with us, before, during, and after their dog is with us for training… and our clients LOVE it!

Some West Hollywood Dog Boot Camp Trainers Just Got Lucky

As we sat back and watched the West Hollywood dog trainer evolution process occur, we saw a few dog trainers just get lucky. Well, they may beg to differ, but I have a keen eye for brilliance, and I haven’t seen much of it lately. Some trainers simply decided to focus on one or two avenues of social media and it really worked out for them. I mean, the reality is that nobody could have guessed exactly what was going to happen with websites, social media, and apps, so it’s hard to say that any one trainer was a marketing genius, but a few of them made some good choices. Heck, it may have even stemmed from laziness, who knows.

What I do know is that social media brilliance, or luck, does not equal to quality dog training, that’s just a fact. What I do know is that you need to be careful, some of the dog trainers with the most exposure are not the best dog trainers. People are getting duped by mediocre, or even bad, dog trainers… and the dogs are the ones that truly suffer!

What People Need To Know About Dog Boot Camp Trainers In West Hollywood

Please be careful when researching and hiring your dog aggression trainer in West Hollywood. Things aren’t always what they seem. Some trainers are excellent salesman, but not excellent dog trainers. West Hollywood is full of people, which means it’s full of opportunity. Try and differentiate between people that are truly passionate about dog training, and people that are trying to make as much money as they can.

A few things to look for…
1) Really good dog trainers only take a few dogs at a time. They know they need time to work with each dog, and they cannot do that if they have a bunch of dogs; it’s impossible.
2) Short term dog boot camps. There is NO REASON a dog trainer should have your dog for long periods of time. If they need long periods of time, then they don’t know what they are doing. Or, they have way too many dogs. Quality dog trainers only take a few dogs at a time so that they can spend the needed amount of time with each dog each and every day. Fact.
3) Willing to spend time with you on the phone. Although nobody wants to work for free, good dog trainers will be willingly to chat with you on the phone to gain your trust and help you understand their methodology of training. If you are being rushed off of the phone, then run for the hills. Most dog trainers that do this are simply trying to bully you into signing up.  


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Although most people in West Hollywood lean towards the boot camp program, some people want to be more involved in the training.

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Dog aggression should never be taken lightly. Even the most mild cases of dog aggression in West Hollywood should always be considered dangerous and dealt with by a professional!

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