Dog boot camps are very stressful for dogs of all ages! Don't take any chances with your beloved pet.

Recently, Dogs Have Been Dying At An Alarming Rate In Dog Boot Camps

We have told clients for many years that dog boot camps are very stressful for dogs, they will lose weight, and sometimes they show physical signs of stress. While in the boot camp, dogs are not at home doing all the fun things they like to do; they are not allowed to bark, jump, pull on the leash, and generally not have any fun. In recent years, the boot camps have become shorter and shorter to appease clients. This change in camp duration, meant even more stress and pressure on the dogs!

If you are not familiar with the recent deaths, a quick Google search will give you various recent cases…

Although you might find it difficult, do the right thing. Do not send your dog to a dog boot camp. Make the decision to commit some time and energy and work with a dog trainer in your home. There will be moments that you struggle a little bit, but you will find it very rewarding in the long run!

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We Do Not Recommend Any Dog Boot Camps

We do not recommend any dog boot camps for dogs. We have recently restructured K-9 Behavior Services to allow us to make this decision. The fact is… dog owners need to learn the process of how a trainer gets their dog under control. In most cases, when a dog goes to a boot camp, the owner does not get any insight into how the trainer got the do to become more obedient. This can cause a problem with the dog starts to build bratty confidence again. In most cases, the owner either doesn’t call out of embarrassment, or the owner wants to send their dog back for ‘tune-up’ training. We have also preached for years that it is not fair to a dog to have to keep going back to a trainer and go through the stressful training process over and over.


Many Dog Trainers Also Have Licensing And Insurance Issues

Many dog trainers also have licensing and insurance issues. We encourage all dog owners that insist on sending their dogs to boot camps, to require proof of proper licensing (including a kennel license), and proof of liability insurance. Most cities and counties do not allow business to be run out of residential homes, and definitely not kennels run out of residential homes!


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Although most people lean towards the boot camp program, some people want to be more involved in the training.

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Dog aggression should never be taken lightly. Even the most mild cases of dog aggression should always be considered dangerous and dealt with by a professional!

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